Hall-Woolford Company History

Celebrating 162 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!

Company History

Hall-Woolford Tank Company was established in 1854.  Considered leaders in our industry, our goal is to continue manufacturing, servicing, installing and inspecting wooden tanks the way it has always been meant; with care, quality and craftsmanship.  Our firm employs only the very best.  Muliti-generations of tank builders are still with us today.

Producing high volume of tanks per year, our yard is continuously being replenished with the highest quality tank stock lumber.  Particular attention is focused on raw material to meet rigid specifications.  Experienced craftsman select the right material to meet each customers needs.  Although wood tanks all look the same when new, the quality of the lumber will determine the longevity.  At Hall-Woolford, a special relationship with lumber suppliers has been forged.  They understand our devotion to customer's needs, and have satisfied our commitment to providing only the finest lumber for each and every application. We've lasted the test of time because our customers come first!

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Ph: 215.329.9022 æ¡? 215.329.1177 å­¡il: jackhillman@woodtank.com

1854-2016 - Celebrating 162 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!
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