Celebrating 164 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!

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Our yard is well stocked to produce tanks on demand.  We carry the following species of lumber:

  • Tank stock, kiln dried, Alaskan Yellow Cedar

  • Tank grade, kiln dried, Clear All Heart Douglas Fir

  • Tank stock, kiln dried, Western Red Cedar

  • Tank grade, air dried, Clear All Heart California Redwood

  • Tank grade, air dried, Atlantic White Cedar

  • FAS, White Oak

  • Red Cypress

Species are selected to perform the best with each application.  We consult with you and decide what type of wood is best suited to your service.

A-36 mild steel hoops are used.  Depending on you application we will select material as follows:

  • Black Iron
  • Hot dipped galvanized

  • PVC sheathed hoops

  • On special applications, Stainless Steel

  • Sizes range from 3/8" diameter to 1-1/4" diameter

Tank lugs (hoop section connectors) are supplied with similar finish as the hoops.  The PVC lugs are coated and baked.  The fasteners are Hex Heavy Nuts supplied in finishes consistent with the hoop material.

Tank Accessories

For your needs the following tank accessories are in stock:


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1854-2018 - Celebrating 164 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!
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