Celebrating 164 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!


The benefit of being in business since 1854 is the best service Hall-Woolford can offer.  Throughout our long history we've helped customers grow, prosper, enjoy, and have the confidence that the service we provide is the best in the business.  The experience and types of situations we've seen cannot be matched by anyone.  We work along with you or your staff to plan, execute and complete your project in a timely manner.  W e stand ready to provide the following services:


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5500 N. Water Street �Box 2755 ਩ladelphia, PA 19120
Ph: 215.329.9022 æ¡?215.329.1177 å­¡il: jackhillman@woodtank.com

1854-2018 - Celebrating 164 years of wood tank fabrication and erection!
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