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Flexible tank liners
Some applications require the use of a membrane to protect the interior of the tanks from attack by harsh solutions.  We've incorporated the use of flexible PVC tank liners to protect from destructive chemicals or elevated temperatures.  Liners also increase service life of tanks already in service.  We can supply liners to cover the inside of tanks made from any material.  Custom sized,  they are easily installed.


Wood/Plywood Tank Liners

The natural advantages of wood (insulation, easy construction, simple installation, and often lower cost) make this an excellent material for many tanks.  The addition of a tank liner will help insure the integrity of the wood, significantly extending tank life.  The liner will also guard against absorption, leakage, and expansion and contraction problems.  It also provides additional safety by reducing the risk of accidental bursting of the tank.

Steel Tank Liners

Eliminate corrosion in your steel tanks by installing liners.  Structurally sound, but leaking tanks, or tanks with a failed coating or lining, can be economically re-used with the proper liner.  The failed coating or lining need not be removed nor are costly stripping and sandblasting necessary.

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